Interpretation Services

Sergei’s interpretation philosophy is to communicate meaning in such a way that the translation has the same effect on the recipient as the source text would on the native speaker. This kind of approach is key to error-proof results.


BSEC Forum 7

Before his freelancing career, Sergei visited a dozen countries as a full-staff interpreter and lost count of all the interpretation jobs he had to do, including some very challenging ones (e..g. 36 straight hours in a crane operator’s cabin working via the radios with a deck crew) in exotic locations (e.g. Curaçao or Brownsville, TX). He was also a team leader for the group of simultaneous interpreters serving inter-disciplinary conferences for over 6 years.

Recently he has been doing a fair share of remote interpreting which he enjoys immensely.

Hire Sergei for premium quality interpretation services to rest assured you will be heard and understood. Check out his straightforward, per-hour rates or contact him for further details.