Material Design

What I like about our profession is that we constantly learn interesting or fascinating things as we do the research to complete our jobs. My recent discovery has to do with the current Android app interface. It’s most evident representations are Gmail, Google Calendar and the rest of the Google apps. By the way, the interface has a name. It’s called Material Design and is based on the idea of cards. You may have noticed that the screens you navigate to resemble memory cards that change dynamically depending on your tactile input. This input is guided by lines and shadows that prompt you to touch or tick (check) this field or the other. I think that’s based on the brilliant observation how we, humans, interact with devices.

Generally, I must admit that Google, though often criticised, deserves praise for their frequent ingenuity. If you’d like to learn more about Google software design concepts and projects, check this page. Happy browsing!

Material Design


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