Why should the client care?

You may not believe this, but, unlike LSPs, direct clients don’t give a dime about your memberships in professional organizations. They don’t care about your advanced training or extra qualifications.

Is that surprising? Do you find that offensive?..

When was the last time you checked your dentist’s framed certificates on the wall? And those are on open display, not on the second page of a filed CV…

Clients don’t care about your workflow and credentials. Ultimately, they need to be sure you know and care about their product. They want to be certain you can do a stellar job of localizing their website or offering any other service you can do well. How you’re going to do it is of little interest to them. We shouldn’t think they’re callous, because when we put on our consumer’s hat we’re the same.

So let’s do our best and forget the rest. Let’s do our best to deliver the service of premium quality and spare the client the details of how we do it. With the truly creative types, it’s like magic!

magician's hat

A magician’s hat every pro wears in their field

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